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 The Setting

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PostSubject: The Setting   Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:01 am

''That the world be dyed in your image. Is that the glory you seek? Is that the burden you can bear?''

You dream of your city. It is completely infested by an alien plant life. There are two figures standing on the far end of one another, and another standing offside watching overhead. Behind the two figures is an army of Duel Monsters. A woman of divine presence watches on in the distance. The armies clash..

"In your city of Yokohama, Japan, a large and powerful company known as the Fólkvangr Corporation transformed the once bustling suburban city into a castle town. To escape the resulting feeling of oppression, many of the youth in Yokohama formed crews whose purpose was to bring joy back into peoples' lives through entertainment, also competing to be known as the best entertainer; the public refer to them as 'Smile Performers'. Also rising in popularity is the Duel Monster Game, a simulator that uses strange devices known as Duel-Disks to summon monsters known as Duel Monsters. (Duel Monsters is an entirely new concept to this setting and is only limited to the cast and NPCs) You, a member of your own entertainer group or perhaps a solo entertainer, are also in possession of one of the new duel-disk device. When people begin disappearing after the rise in popularity of the Duel Monster game, you discover that the Duel-Disks and Duel Monsters are from an alternate dimension known as Helheim Forest. Encountering a mysterious girl, you are given a special duel-disk, belt, and deck that make your monsters real and transforms you into a warrior. Afterward, a mysterious man arrives in town as a merchant selling to the rest of the Smile Performers the same duel-disk that also allows their monsters to become real. In time, you including some of the other Smile Performers are known to the public as Duel Engagers.

The Duel-Disk and belt known as a Duel Driver, work in tandem with one another. They are locked to the first person that wears them and can only be worn by them. The user first inserts a card (Card of your choice that relates to your deck or character theme. Preferably a card in your deck.) in a single slot on the belt, before flicking the buckle into position which then transforms them into a warrior (This is the only way your Duel-Disk will activate with there being some exceptions) before then activating their Duel-Disk.

After acquiring this new power, as the game becomes more popular, tears in reality begin to open that bring the Duel Monsters from their home dimension to Earth. Along with this, an alien plant life is slowly, but surely infesting the town through these tears. It doesn't appear to be doing any harm, but I wouldn't trust it. You must fight the sudden appearance of the Duel Monsters, but also against other Duel Engagers,  for only one victor to prove themselves that they have the right to possess the power of the Helheim Forest, the proverbial forbidden fruit. The Fólkvangr Corporation are remaining unresponsive, but highly suspicious. Can you save the world while getting to the bottom of it all? Or perhaps you have an ulterior motive? Regardless, with this power, you are to determine the future outcome of the world, but what future may that be..?''


( This world is very similar to real life. Your duel monsters start out as hologram projections with solid touch, but are still limited to non harmful contact, until you receive your Duel Engager and special Duel Disk, then duel monsters become real and can inflict real damage upon players. Duel Monsters who appear through tears range up to 6 stars, but can evolve into a 7 or 8 star monster, i.e, a Kuriboh could appear, but if the conditions are met, could evolve into a higher level monster with the same type and attribute such as an Archfiend. This is important, because monsters whose levels are 8 or more inflict more severe damage than lower level monsters. You won't instantly die, but don't just shrug it off.

Also cards are played as usual on a Duel Disk, but monsters are summoned through whatever portal medium you desire from the Helheim Forest.

One more thing to note, when starting out your duel-disks aren't perfect until you've upgraded. If your character loses focus, your duel monsters can run free and they may cause trouble )

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The Setting
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