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 I'm just here for the fish sticks

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PostSubject: I'm just here for the fish sticks   Sat Apr 02, 2016 12:30 am

"Fishing is like... I don't know, fishing."

Name: Raymundo Fuentes
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Transformation Skill: "Deep Blue Fang" - Banish 1 WATER Xyz Monster you control or from your Graveyard, then Special Summon up to 3 Level 4 or lower WATER monsters from your hand or Deck with the different names, then immediately after this effect resolves, Xyz Summon 1 WATER Xyz Monster using the monsters Special Summoned by this effect. During your turn, all WATER Xyz currently control gain 500 ATK, until the End Phase. At the end of this turn's Battle Phase, if a monster(s) affected by this effect has inflicted battle damage to your opponent by a direct attack: You can destroy 1 monster your opponent controls.
Deck Type: "I actually don't like shark fin soup" - A Xyz WATER Deck with monsters based in the vast marine fauna. The only firm strategy the deck seems to follow is to ease the summoning Xyz Monsters, also based in oceanic creatures.
Ace Card: Bahamut Shark
-) Number 32: Shark Drake
-) Number 47: Nightmare Shark

Personality: From a humble household, Raymundo was raised with the most basic values. However, he is prone to talk a lot about the ocean and its marvels, about his favorite animal (Sharks), his hobby (Fishing) or his favorite food (Fish, because why not?). He was also taught one of the most ancient beliefs - "If you can help someone, you have to moral obligation to do it". Thanks to this, he may come across as irritating or just simply annoying.

Biography: Born and raised in near the coast, Raymundo developed a fascination with the sea and all the creatures that liven on it. He went and learned all he could about fishing, given that his father, Rodrigo Fuentes, worked as a fisherman. The only passion that could rival the one he had for the ocean was... The new Duel Monsters card game. How the game represented the deep blue sea and it's wildlife made him love the game and the oceans even more.

But then... His father fell ill. To support his mother and his little sister he took whatever job he could find, being most of them related to the work of his father. After finishing one of those jobs at the docks, he encountered a mysterious device and a belt along with a deck composed of fantastic sea creatures. Albeit a bit confused, he decided to take the device, the belt and the deck home just in case someone was looking for it. Unbeknownst to him, he was already part of a world of entertainment the moment he picked them up.
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I'm just here for the fish sticks
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