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 Princess of Spells and Charm

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PostSubject: Princess of Spells and Charm   Sat Mar 19, 2016 7:12 am

Transformation State:
Magical Awakening:
Transformation Skill: Magical Tuning - Using the Power of Magic obtained by the Duel Engager, You can sacrifice another Monsters Star Level(in Units of 1) or your own Life Points(in Units of 300) to make a Spellcaster of your a Tuner monster or to remove/add Levels. A Fusion can be enticed aswell, but a Monsters Star Level(in units of 3) or your Life points by 600 to incite the Fusion without the use of Polymerization.
My Eternal Soul!: Unleash your Soul and overload the power of your Duel Engager to Protect "Eternal Soul" from being removed from the field Once. If you control no monsters and "Eternal Soul" is not face up or face down on the field, Flip a Coin, Then Roll a Dice. If Its Heads and the Result is 4 or Higher, Activate "Eternal Soul" From the Hand,Deck or Graveyard, but if that card is destroyed, you lose the duel.
Dark Side of Magic: If overcome by powerful negative emotions or corrupted by a Dark Force, lose yourself and become controlled by your own Inner Darkness

Name: Amane "Wakanda" Uzumei
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Deck Type: Dark Magician -working on it-
Ace Card: Dark Magician
Numbers: -Working on it-

Personality: Amane is a fairly kind, though a bit Snobbish about certain things. She is often described as a very up front and blunt character but she can realize when she has done something wrong and will act accordingly and above all else, she is completely willing to give up everything for the one destined for her.

Biography: Amane was born into a Noble and Rich Family line, beginning what could only be known as a rather borning life of a Modern Princess. At the age of 7 she was greeted in  a family by a man for her birthday, a Magician and that changed everything for her. Amane's life changed after that day, She began adventuring past the boring life she held and began to expand her Horizan trying to see what others amazing things life had to offer and her family had little say in her ever going path. Despite this she still upheld her family honor and ways when required, but when on her own she visisted towns, cities and villages to see what wondorous things they had to offer. Upon her 16th Birthday she began to practice to become a Magician herself, learning tricks and taking stage lessons  to become even greater to impress and enchant her audience just like the magician did for her all those years ago... With time her skills improved but her act was nearly perfect on her 18th Birthday when she got her hands on her very own Duel Disk. However before her final departure she visited a Psychic that read her a promising future... "On your adventures in this new land you will find someone... a Destined Partner... a Soul Mate... a Lover. Who they are?... That is up to you. But you will know deep down in your heart who that individual is... but keep an open mind for this person can be anyone... even those you least expect."
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Princess of Spells and Charm
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