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 Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.

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PostSubject: Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.   Wed Mar 02, 2016 2:47 pm

"Anyone who violates the earth will only penalize themselves."

Transformation's Appearance:

Name: Dr. Matthias Sankar
Age: 26
Gender: Male

Transformation Skill:

Deck Type:

"Scary Monsters" - Deck is focused on using Evoltile monsters to summon their dinosaur cousins - Evolzaurs, which can do a variety of things, from destroying spells/traps, searching other monsters and even manipulating levels. If all of this isn't enough, they can Xyz into their final, dragon forms - Evolzars, which can negate spells, traps, monster effects and even prevent opponent from summoning monsters.

Later, thanks to the addition of Fossil monsters, deck is able to be more offensive thanks to summoning monsters with more attack power than Evolzars and effects that help with wiping out the opponents field from monsters.

Ace Card:




Matthias can be described with many words, such as "flamboyant", "overdramatic", "genius", "hero", "pathetic" or even "idiot".
Meanings of those vary between asked people:
normal folk would describe him as "This sellout clown from TV show?",
intellectuals - "The guy who discovered those old bones and prevented an earthquake?"    
and his family would often say "He's always been a weird kid and didn't change much."
All of those are partially true.

In private he's, suprisingly, quite normal, maybe a little pridefull about his title of doctor, and doesn't seem to care what people say about him, almost always keeping his composure. The only time he can go into rage is when someone is littering, spitting on the ground and such, because, as he says, "Earth brings prosperity only to those who respect the soil!". He became geologist to prevent further damage of earth, paleontologist to discover secrets it hides, he even became an entertainer to get funds on further research. Man willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals and protect the earth.


Originating from Europe, Matthias grew in average family as the only child. As such, he was also an ordinary kid, though it changed when on the biology lesson in 4th grade he was learning about dinosaurs. The instant he saw how they look like, he instantly took interest in what they were eating, how many species were known and how they've died. Getting all of those informations from the books wasn't enough and neither was internet, he had to know more. This fascination was even supported by his family, as long as he had good grades.

The other day he saw on TV that, thanks to the humans, many species of animals were dying, either thanks to pollution, cutting down forests or even hunting down by poachers. This made Matthias extremely mad, furious even, to the point he almost ran out of home to "stop those defilers", but was luckily stopped before he could take any serious action. He was then told, that only the influential people can do anything. That was the breaking point, the moment he decided he will become a doctor.

And so he studied, both geology and paleontology, to protect the earth from "Those idiots who want to despoil the ground." and to discover the other, unknown species of dinosaurs, his passion that never truly died since he was a child. Luckily, his country founded his education so there wasn't much problem with it. Matthias put so much effort into learning that he obtained the PhD in both subjects by the age of 24. Thanks to that, finding a fitting job offer wasn't hard.

He quickly made a name for himself in his field, as he uveiled the existence of several new species of dinosaurs in Egypt, Spain, Australia and both Americas. Those discoveries were a huge leap in learning about those prehistorical predators, how they've evolved over several eras, what were the possibilities of even further growth if they wouldn't become extinct. Matthias even made a scientific theory about further possibilities of evolution, which included more humanoid form, with sharp fangs and claws, and even with wings. It was well recieved in the field, some agreed and some did not, mostly pointing out about how ridiculous the concept was. Matthias didn't care.

Some time later, Matthias was hired as an assistant in building an oil well in Japan, which meant going around the field and making sure the data that workers use is actual. This went for about 1-2 weeks, when it was about time to make the most important borehole. Everything was ready, the only thing needed was a signal to start. Matthias decided to double check the data by himself, not really trusting in local workers. The second the drill was about to begin to tear the earth, there was a single, loud stop signal echoing through radio. When asked about the reason why he said stop, Matthias responded with "You're all idiots, not worthy of working with the soil!" and handed over the data. It turned out that the drill was about to break a tectonic plate, which would result in the half of Japan burried under ground and ruins. Matthias was hailed a hero, while the supervisors were banned from the profession.

After this Matthias didn't exactly knew what to do with himself. He got enough of the offers about supervising a new building sites, he also didn't want to travel too far for something that isn't related with dinosaurs. Some television, maybe good book would provide a much needed break. Instead, while switching through channels, he would stumble on some kind of show for kids. It was probably the stupidest thing Matthias ever witnessed. After switching channels and finding nothing interesting, he thought about the one show he liked to watch. Couldn't remeber the title, but it was good, featured some good special effects and educational aspects that weren't shoved right into his throat. He could also use some money, since government wouldn't pay him forever for doing nothing.
This gave him an idea.

After preparing for a while, Matthias went to television to give the offer about his show. Suprisingly, he got it accepted at the first try, maybe thanks to the fact he was somewhat known. Or maybe just thanks to the dumb luck. Nevertheless, the first episode began airing one week later. It featured Matthias, talking about dinosaurs, while showing how they lived and in between entartaining with how big species fought and interacted with eachother, while the small ones were showed as cute little animals. Each episode ended with some kind of gag.

After the first season, which was quite successfull despite budget cut here and there, Matthias received an offer to make another one. This time though he was given a high-tech duel disk and a deck of cards made especially for him. Matthias gladly accepted it and decided to quickly learn what his cards do. The technology was stunning, so much so that he didn't had to use CG effects anymore. Cards were designed in a way that they looked like they were made only for him. With this, the second season was a bit less science a lot more action, even featuring some guest duelist and showing audience colorful dinosaurs, which Matthias rode on while they jumped over obstacles, did aerial acrobatics and other such things, while he himself was striking poses and coordinating the whole show. The second season was a huge success, being watched by two times more people than the first one. Despite this, Matthias wasn't allowed to do season 3, because of "subliminal messages". The only message he wanted to get through was to teach kids to respect the earth, while providing a good show with the help of his dinosaurs. With the thought that his show might become either a cult classic or forgotten gem, he got enough money to continue research and to settle down for a bit.

Yokohama looked like nice place.
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Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.
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