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 Common Sense Is What Binds Human Souls; Long Live The Spacenoids!!!

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PostSubject: Common Sense Is What Binds Human Souls; Long Live The Spacenoids!!!   Sun Feb 28, 2016 10:53 pm

"The desire to take a life increases as one walks the path of martial arts. The more one kills, the more their skill improves. People that may deprive you of your life appear frequently. There's no need to hold back. "

Transfermutton of Put On This Fox Mask and Act Like A Douchebag:
Something's Eroding
Prelude To A Bloody Battle
Samurai Soul

Tono Hifumi



Deck Type
Hyakunin-Giri Kyōsō (Contest of Killing 100 People With Sword 百人斬り競争)
A variation of Monster-Types come together to form the "Nekroz" Archetype. Boasting a wide range of Ritual Monsters, the Deck itself supports this, gaining a variety of effects when Monsters are Tributed, able to quickly acquire Ritual Spells and the Monsters themselves. The "Nekroz" Rituals heavily punish Monsters that are Special Summoned from the Extra Deck, as such, the Deck does not use any methods of Extra Deck summons but instead uses Synchros to fuel their Ritual Summons. Tono later gains access to an entirely different archetype known as the Shiranui, a Zombie-Type archetype which focuses on Synchro Summoning as well as gaining effects when banished. By combining both Shiranui and Nekroz, the Deck uses the tactic of sending Synchros to fuel other effects, using them as fodder to power up the Ace cards of the Deck.

Ace Card

Transformation Skill
Kiri-Sute Gomen (Authorization to Cut and Leave 斬捨御免)
When a "Nekroz" Ritual Monster would be Ritual Summoned, you can use 1 "Nekroz" Ritual Monster from the Hand or Field for the entire Tribute. Once per turn during either player's turn, you can send 1 Synchro Monster from your Extra Deck to the Graveyard; activate 1 "Nekroz" Ritual Monster's effect that would activate by discarding, without paying the cost, from your Hand or Graveyard. Once per turn, when a card is Banished you can target 1 other Banished card; send 1 Synchro Monster from your Extra Deck to the Graveyard to add that card to your Hand.
The future is bleak:

Self disciplined from an early stage, Tono exhibits a bizarre sense of calmness at all times, though this is only on the outside. Reckless to test his prowess in combat Tono often confronts and challenge those he believes are worth cutting down, regardless of the situation at hand. Despite this desire to fight, he has no interest in proving himself to other nor material gain to the point of giving out money or items for free or without care, he simply wants to obtain mastery. Living away from modern society for most of his life, Tono gives off the feeling of being an uncultured country bumpkin, and uses this his advantage, typically feigning ignorance even at the simplest of modern concepts despite fulling understanding most technological advances of the time. A strong believer in the concept "cause and effect" believing that every actions, whether good or bad, will have a consequence and people will have to take responsibility for it.  

How did it come to this?

When you a face a midlife crisis, you'd surely ask yourself something like this. But I'm just your average ten year old you could find anywhere, so why would I ask myself that, you ask? There's something about the color blue that puts me at peace, it also hurts like hell and I can't breath..... Ah! Wait! I'm underwater again, dammit!  

Let's rewind a bit.
My name is Tono! Tono Hifumi! This entire story will be in the form of first person, so you'll get taste of my personality and story telling abilities as well as my backstory, you lucky dog! I was fortunate enough to be born in the wrong era! My Father is a former veteran from World War 2 and my Mother is well.... scary! Since as long as I could remember, I was thrown into a hellish training seminar that gave out zero credits, and to graduate I needed a hundred, most people would say something like "What the hell are you saying? Ah?" but to me it was a blessing. Ah, this story has no sense of direction, I'm jumping all over the place again.

Let's rewind again!

My Father and Mother lived in some far away Mountain Range, close to modern society, but far enough away to be considered bumpkins. They lived off the land for the most part, but still kept in touch with the big city by opening up a business. What business could they possibly run? It's a dojo, of course! With an iron fist and soul of a warrior, my Father trained only the most worthy of students! The Dojo was famed for producing exceptional men who went on to do great things, as well as being feared as a torture camp! The name of the Dojo is unimportant, it used to be famous so it would be controversial to bring it up, it was merely called "The Dojo", great name, right?

Next, let's talk about me! Being born from two powerful people would only bring forth an even stronger person, such as myself! My Father says that my genes were perfect for battle, exceptional speed, reflexes, vision, hearing, smell, and decent enough looks too?
I was told that if I was a girl then my fate would of been the same anyway, Banzai for Gender Equality! So for 14 years, since I was born, I underwent that hellish dojo training. I keep saying hellish but never get down to the details, kinda annoying, huh? My Father said something I'll never forget to me when I was young. He said, "Ninety Percent of the Worlds Problems...... can be solved with Violence." Is the world that simple of a place?! "The other Ten Percent requires your mind, so your training will be divided as such." So in an entire week, ninety percent of my time was devoted to strengthening my body, running, swimming, climbing, sparring, weight lifting, balancing, breathing, sweating, crying, bleeding, laughing, bleeding again, and so on! The other ten percent was cramming my brain with knowledge! What school kids would take an entire year to learn was forced at me in ten percent of the time! Naturally, I was home schooled. Not like we had actual textbooks or anything, but you know!

Though I say ten percent, it was more like nine, I obviously was given time to rest and do other things. The other students of the dojo were all from the city and were taught by my Father to respect the strong. So I just beat them all up and earned their respect! In exchange they taught me a lot of things! They would often bring things from the city to show off to me and I would always put on an exaggerated expression saying, "This is ''that'', right!?" It was a bliss time. Then it was cut short and I was thrown back into Hell. No use complaining at this point!

By the time I was twelve, I began having my worries. My abilities eventually became cheat-level, something you'd find in a manga with an overpowered main character. I could defeat the entire dojo with just a shinai, while they all used real katana's. It was pretty absurd. But my worries weren't from that. My Father began falling into decline, he was merely starting to go passed his prime. He would undergo the same hellish training as me for all those years, I could naturally notice his movements become more sluggish as we sparred, even though he'd always kick my ass. I wanted to surpass him, he was the only existence in my who I wanted to challenge, he was my goal. Seeing him sink further and further due to age caused pain in my heart. So I challenged him the moment I turned thirteen. If I won, I'd inherit the dojo, the family sword, and be able to live my life as I wanted from then on. Battles between men of this dojo needed only one strike. Why? It's because of the dojo's name that I haven't told you!

It's Hifumi One-Strike Style!

Ah, I was having a cool moment saying off the name and the battle was already over. What? You think this story is me recalling my past? D-don't be stupid!

My Father gave me a calm smile, and not one of those smiles where he's smiling but his eyes clearly want to kill me. Without words he handed me the family's treasured sword, Xix. Not very Japanese, huh? Adorned in black with gold trimmings, it was a very simple sword passed down my family line. You could it was something like magic, or maybe divine, it just never rusted or nicked. That's like having a really lame superpower when you think about it, but to a swordsmen, such a sword is worth more than the world.

It's "that" now, right?!

Since I was free to do as I please until I became an adult, I decided to attend a normal High School! My parents didn't particularly care, I won afterall, my Father only advised, and by advised I mean forced, not to participate in any Kendo Club activities, mostly entering competitions, using this house's Style. You think it's a big secret? No way! Even using a Shinai can kill someone with this Style! There's a reason Thrust Techniques are illegal up to a certain age, you know! With the breeze of youth, I entered the School Grounds of my normal, super average, High School, as a shadow began descending down towards me. I only casually muttered as I lifted my hand, "Luvea, huh? And 440gs? A soccer ball?" I casually tapped the ball out of the air as it flew at me, the people around me gave off a confused look at my mutterings before looking at the ball in surprise. "Wow! You could read that while it was in the air!?" Someone said, looking at the markings on the ball. "Join the Kendo Club!" Someone shouted right away, "No Join the Soccer club!" and "No join the Baseball Team!" and so forth. This is "that", right?!

Believe it or not, the Hifumi-Style was designed for those with poor physics. It didn't require power nor speed, it merely required precision. Above all else, all you needed to do is "see". By removing all excess movements, and limiting yourself to the bare minimum, you use your opponent's excess energy against them, place your sword in their gap, and strike out the vital points. "What is this bullshit?! There's no such stance in Kendo!" Heh! Get ready, non-believer! After 200 years of inactivtiy, it's been reborn, the strongest of them all! "Hifumi Style-One Strike Kill: First Technique..." With bizzare posture, "Early Summer Rain." A Shinai would fly into the air. "No way! The Captain suffered a Makiwaza?!" For you newbies, that means removing the opponent's weapon!
A mixture of cheers and gasps filled the room. What am I doing you ask? I decided to enter the Kendo club, but since this was the only form of fighting I knew, I instinctively used it against the Ace of the Club. Calling him an Ace was kind of an overstatement though. "With Tono the Nationals won't be a dream anymore!" I shot that down right away. "Sorry, I can't compete in tournaments." And with that, "Eh?!"

Hifumi-Style is more or less, a Counter Type Style. What's that you ask? Think of a Game with Type Advantages. In Kendo, Counter beats Attackers, Attackers beat Feinters and Feinters beat Counters. So I'm weak to people who feint their attacks and lead me into Countering non-existent attacks? No way, I've never fallen for such a thing. But I've also never experience being an attacker or feint user, of course I've used petty movements to lead my opponent's but I've never been properly instructed on such things. So I had to create something. Something only I can use.

Wow, we jumped quite a bit! Tono here! I'm currently in my last year of High School! We had some fun times! A lot of moments that made my heart go doki doki in more ways than one! Right now? We're at the final match of the Nationals, unexpected right?! My opponent is the Number 1 Kendoist of my generation, fabled as the Sword Saint! I also built a name for myself too, you know! Because of my ruthless, swift, calculated strikes, people called me the Sword Ogre! I'm sort of like the bad guy, huh? "Let's fight, Sword Saint." It's unheard of, but in Kendo, you can even use two Shinai, you know? It's called Nitouryuu, the art of using two swords. It was once banned from Kendo, but it's legal now. You'd think having two weapons is unfair, but you're cutting your attack in half by using both of them. At least for normal people, that'd be the case. This cheat-level like me can use both at full strength. Though I say that, ever since I came here, I had to water myself down, I feel like I'm losing my edge, my movements have become sloppy and whimsical. Is it bad? I don't know. I'd usually use some basic attack, using one hand to Counter or Parry, while using another to strike. I'm also using two Shinai of different lengthes and weight for such a Style. I, Tono had personally trained the entire four-man lineup to use such a Style, thus making my School currently, undefeated.

Though I say that, if we were undefeated, I wouldn't be able to fight. In Kendo, you have five man teams, and the best out of three fights wins. The postioning is set ahead of time, you can't change it. Naturally, I am the "King", the last position. If it comes down to two wins and two losses, I'll clean up the match, until now I've never fought. But our opponents this time around, the Sword Saint's team, was actually somewhat talented. Similar to my team, they all used one Style, taught by the Sword Saint himself. Our teammates used a throw away tactic, they purposely used fouls and used stances they were unfamiliar with, to show off the opponent's counter tactics. "Don't miss a single moment." I casually said, as my fellow comrades lost their fights to show the enemies weakness. You guys....You worked hard! It's time for the King's finisher!

"I've received it." With a casual remark, my stance dropped. "This is your trump..?" That's right, you pointy haired bastard! "Mu No Kamae" It literally means "No Stance!" Doing something cool like this! Even though I've only fought in practices, I've never shown off this Technique. The Sword Saint made a stance I recognized, a Counter stance. Sorry, you can't return this strike. Mu No Kamae has no fixed strike angle, meaning, you won't know where the attack will come from, how fast, or if it's even an attack at all! "Kagerou." That means "Heat-Haze!" The Sword Saint's counter fell short, though it was close, and he was struck by both Shinai simultaneously. The Flag was raised.

Hey, what the hell? Why is there a point to both sides? Hey, Tono here. Remember when I said it felt short, his counter that is. Turns out it was a double knock out sort of thing, both our strikes were on time. I couldn't see him return it. I am getting shallow aren't I? Hifumi-Style wasn't designed for Kendo, it was designed for battle. I feel like I've lost touch of that. If this were a real battle, my comrades would be dead. I would have to kill their General and avenge them. Ah, my breathing is getting heavy. I started wheezing out of no where it seems. The Sword Saint caught on to this and seemingly went in for a strike, but stopped short. Why? My body is feeling heavy, and I want to strike out. I want to strike. Strike. I slowly breathed in, closed my eyes and looked up. I don't need my body. I just need my eyes and, my grip tightened, my blade. The reason he stopped short, is because the tip of my Shinai was millimeter away from his neck. If he stepped another moment, he would of lost. He read it at the last moment and backed off. But it's over here. I have nothing, I feel nothing, I need nothing but my sword and eyes. With such thoughts, a black aura engulfed the battlefield.

"Early Rain of the Moonless Sky. (Mugetsu No Samidere)"

Hey! Tono here! I just graduated! Party! Or so I'd like to say. Right now I'm being iron clawed by my Father. Why you ask? The Technique I used was basically a Hifumi-Style move. Samidere is a technique of thrusting your blade while the opponent is striking, you'd take a shallow hit while your opponent dies from a fatal blow. The verison I used enhanced that further, being able to use the Technique from Mu No Kamae, I unleash a wave of killing intent to stun my opponent while I strike, thus, making it a risk free move. In addition, the trajectory can be changed by twisting your arm, so even if your opponent reads it, you can adjust your placement. But the bottom line is, I said I wouldn't use Hifumi-Style moves, and I did. After being thoroughly beaten, my Father through me out of the house shouting, "Reflect on your mistakes and find something!" What kind of vague thing are you saying, Father?!

I didn't think this is how my life would be after High School, jobless and broke, but that's fine in it's own way. My Father entrusted me with something so bizarre, I would think he was an alien dressed as my Father. They were Duel Monster cards. I'm not so out of the loop to not know about them, but why did my Father have such a thing? These shouldn't be commonplace yet, and they're very new..... where did he get them? Pondering such things, I began my life has a wanderer.

My Father being a war veteran, has naturally killed people. In war, that's as easy as breathing for someone like him, snuffing out the life of those weaker than you, for your country, for your comrades, for yourself. Reason holds little meaning, it's only actions that matter. If you attack us, we'll attack back, cause and effect. If only I was born in such a time. Killing someone nowadays is such a hassle, with it being a crime and all. No one openly tries to take my life either, so I can't claim self defense. You have your common thugs come up to me every now and then, bumping into me and saying I sprained their foot or something and need to pay them for it. "Is that so?" I'd say casually, then actually break their foot, and leave the money for them. It's like paying to have a good time, except it's lasts only a moment and makes me regret handing off my money later. Not that I've done things like that.

The reason I brought that topic up before is simple. I want to have that thrill too. I want to kill people who try to kill me. There hasn't been an opponent worthy of my time for a while. I keep being dulled and having to claw my way back up to my peak form. Puberty sure is tough, though I'm a little old for it now.

I've rambled for a bit, huh? Thanks for listening though. I'm currently on my way to a real big city, where entertainment is key. Let's hope some worthy prey show up there? Whether it's with swords or with Duel Monsters that I casually brought up and never mentioned again, I'll win! Roll Credits, we're done here!

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Common Sense Is What Binds Human Souls; Long Live The Spacenoids!!!
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