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Best Girl

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PostSubject: ☢CAUTION!!☢   Tue Feb 09, 2016 10:15 pm

"They are privileged to die at my feet."

I Burn

Base Form:

Name: Ardenia Solis
Age: 22
Gender: grill
Ace Card: Red Daemons Dragon - Scarright
Deck Type: "Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion" - A compendium of ghost dragons - reformed creatures such as the legendary Horus among others. "Yang Zing" is the title that the deck's main forces bare, strategically acting as a nigh-unlimited resource of flotation devices. When one of these mythical beasts fall, another is spawned at leisure. This assists in creating a rather irksome wall to safeguard the duelist's life. However, that is not the wielder's main concern. True power comes in massive layers of protection birthed by utilizing Wyrms as Synchro Material. Immunity to theft, battle destruction, spells, traps, it is a very real possibility to make that which simply cannot be killed by any means. A reflection of the insatiable hunger to keep dueling - to continue fighting regardless of how battered and wounded one becomes. Survive and come out as the last one standing. These infinite beings surrounded in the thermal force of "Nova" remain eternal - beyond death.
Deck List

Transformation Skill: "Hot Jupiter Descent Model" - All your Level 8 or higher "Red" Dragon-Type monsters inflict piercing damage. When you would Special Summon a Level 8 or higher Synchro Monster, you can use the summon command: "Nova Sizer". If you do, destroy all monsters you control except that Special Summoned monster and "Red Dragon Archfiend" monsters, and inflict 300 damage for each one destroyed this way. That summoned monster becomes "Nova" state (this lasts until it leaves the field). If you control a monster in a Nova state, monsters you control with 2500 original ATK or less cannot declare an attack. Once per turn, when a monster in Nova state destroys a monster by battle, that monster can immediately attack again in a row, and all battle damage inflicted is halved. If a non-"Red Dragon Archfiend" monster is attacking by this Skill, all damage it inflicts becomes 1000 for that battle.

Personality: "Burn."

That woman's favorite word. It summarizes her thoughts on everything. Desire and rage, euphoria and despair, restlessness and excitement. A bloodthirsty warmonger by nature, hungry for combat. Cards are simply a safer means to prevent murder, yet such blazing ferocity without relent still puts lives at danger. Does the girl care? Barely. All that matters is the thrill - the moment before any possible death. Boiling blood creating a new kind of high, exchanging blows, trading gazes of insanity and determination - resolution and the insatiable quench for victory. A goddess of war? Her persona mirrors a rather violent one.

Though believed to be deranged with an inhumane lust for battle, she can be calmed into a loving companion. Her loyalty means she will fight for your honor and in your behalf, ready to throw life to the reaper's cold grip if it meant saving a friend. Unfortunately, those who befriend her also become sparring partners, and the premise of "training" does nothing to make Ardenia hold back. "You're a good partner" means you've granted her satisfaction, and she will now die for you. "You're a lot of fun" stands for becoming deeply trusted. Pride will come second for the sake of loved ones.

Finally, the relationship between duelist and dragon is rather... sultrily odd. Red Daemons Dragon cannot breathe the speech of humans, and still somehow communicates with his consort. A duo sharing the same fetish for brutality and savagery led to a connection of hearts - one where they simply fell in love with one another. Affectionately wrestling in public, flirting through action in the middle of war, petting the monster, embracing the woman. A barbaric beast and a wild mare, one of the single most ferocious dragons in history - an Archfiend... and the lass forever scorching like the sun with bloodlust.

The perfect twosome.

Biography: Heavy breathing goes unheard, drowned by the roars of the audience surrounding the battlefield. Warriors blinded by gazing up into the lights from the ceiling, bulging out of the steely gray and dreary walls... it felt like a box. A tight confine – a jail. Even worse for those gladiators, who stood within a closed fence. Everyone was here for Duel Monsters, and instead, a bloodbath welcomed the masses. The breathing slowly steadied itself as she finally blinked after what felt like an eternity. A scarlet victor and her ebony cohort stared toward the defeated lying on the cold floor. Chanting, ceaseless chanting. Ardenia couldn't make out the chorus, far too drunk on the high of shock and awe. They were declared the winners, as the reigning champions were destroyed by a ferocious assault orchestrated by the duo.

They were the conquerors.

Ardenia and Apollo hollered a resounding, echoing bellow of triumph.

“Solis” - the surname of duelists that craved not a game, but war. No... not quite that either. That was the last name of frenzied fighters with virtually no equal in skill or thirst. Deep within the underworld, a “Smile Performer” was frowned upon. One in the depths did not make everyone smile with their “dueling”. On the contrary, galleries of darkness were aroused by the “art” of battle. Where ruffians and artisans contended within a steel cage using illegal duel disk modifications to amplify the holographic reality's force and inflict damage to combatants with shock bands. Here, the grandstand yearned for blood – to see one fall – to see he who is brutally wounded still remain standing in a blaze of indomitable glory.

These two were here to be the best of that carnage.

“Executants” - a title for monsters who fought with cards to the death. A type of performer that handles music more often than not. And the wails of losers with the cries of winners were music to everyone's ears.

Ardenia had long forgotten when it started, but being a performer of barbarism had become her life – a dream job. Brother and Sister rose through the ranks of tag dueling, and soared through the single duel ladders. A little contest between themselves to see who could be number one first, while sharing number one in a different stage. More than him, she was simply born for battle. Nothing in life could satisfy more, to the point where the amazon was intoxicated with the feeling. Addicted to the elation of violence, big sis soared ahead. The breadwinner of their home. Their parents had died in these same cage matches, however, the only thing the two believed were that they were weak people. To become an executant is to throw caution and possibly the future in the wind for fame and glory. To hesitate is to sign a death warrant. Those adults choked, these kids did not. Ardenia took care of Apollo, her precious younger brother. Honestly, professional colleagues kept nagging over how the man is supposed to take care of the woman, but said woman can destroy the most powerful duelists with a gaze of hunger. Better for Apollo to not make a display of masculinity over the lioness eating everyone whole.

“It was kind of simple then”, Apollo would describe the times. Sounding modest or arrogant for a rising star. The troublesome part was their ability to back up their bark, and worst of all, his sister taking enough charge to start barking orders and commands. Resident boss lady, that is what she was. Practically coming into control of the underworld's Duel Monsters in Yokohama, their lives stood ahead of them. A bright, fiery future in an upcoming event where the executants would be privileged with a stadium above ground – an actual aerial coliseum.

Yet, there was a complication for the younger of two champions.

The way of a card game artisan was harsh, and came with plenty of consequences for those who weren't built for it. While Apollo was born for battle in spirit, he was not so much in body. His body would wear down, and it was wearing down. Less violent exercise would help him live a few more years, and for some asinine reason, he chose to continue the bloodbaths with Ardenia.

Poor girl never even noticed, too far gone in her cloud nine.

Sheer force of will brought them both a couple years into the future, standing at the top two rankings of single games, and marched onward toward the Red Cloud Executant Blitzkrieg. Bloodied skies and elevated shock power, this was the height of struggle for both body and mind. Horrifyingly enough, Ardenia didn't even need time to adapt. Such pain was second nature and longed for constantly, as if her whole body ached to be battered.

“But for me...” Apollo breathed. “It's almost time to say goodbye.”

He covered his mouth and quickly wiped the blood away, the only visible symptom of his coming final battle being his tired eyes.

It was time to die.

Ardenia and Apollo stood together in a white-hot battle against the past executant champions of Yokohama, making the finals a grudge match of sorts. The boy wanted to give his farewells before it was too late, but choked. Like their parents, he hesitated. Why? Why would he not tell her? The future looked bleak no matter which route he took. Telling her would destroy her mood and cost them the height of their fame. Not telling her would even further crush her, never knowing what was wrong. Storm clouds were moving in, and no one was going to run away because of a little rain. Arrogance born from endlessly enduring shocks removed all fear of lightning from the warmongering savages. Despite his body giving out, the two painted the skies. Rain came in the form of holographic crystals exploding all around from the destruction of the opponent's monsters, blood flew about as the battle intensified and Ardenia's damage starting surpassing reality itself.

Say goodbye.
Time to die.
Say goodbye...

Just say goodbye.

Tiiiiiime... to...

Apollo vomited blood.


Ardenia dealt such a ferocious blow with power that went beyond the holographic system, a shockwave was let loose, blowing a hole in the stadium behind the opponents as their life immediately dropped to zero, sending them both flying. Not out of the hole, thankfully, but amazingly close. And the aftermath left the woman livid.

“More! I need more than this!” She shouted, breaking the silence the grandstand was left in. Unsatisfied with the game's quick conclusion. “Another round, I need more! Apollo, don't you agree-”

Big sister calmed her fury and turned her attention to her fallen kin, rushing over toward him with great worry. The boy was conscious, but it was far too late. Still, cries for medics echoed in the quiet battlefield. Sounds of her panicked breathing and his staggering breaths filled what felt like the whole world. Why is this happening? Didn't she win? Taking her only family left couldn't have been her prize, could it? Ardenia's mind raced with questions and so did her mouth, then the only words she spoke were those of encouragement and desperation. “Please hang in there”. They were the king and queen, the ultimate victors. This was their moment, the peak of the mountain. They climbed it together. “Please don't go”. “The fight isn't over yet.”

Apollo mouthed his parting words, smiling, grinning, just an ecstatic expression filled with pride and triumph. He was so happy... so happy to have made it to this point with his sister.

And he slipped away with that smirk.

What started as a light drizzle, proceeding into average levels of rain in the midst of combat, had transformed into a downpour. Queen – who had obtained the ultimate glory – lost what was defined as everything. None thought of what words to give the victor. Normally, death was simply an accepted cycle for losers. It was a loss, but one the cruel underworld grazed over. Today, here in the sky, was the corpse of a departed young man that won. That was the opposite of what these barbarians had learned and grew up with. This feeling... it stung. The feeling of being alone after coming out on top. The sting of losing her parents long ago and now her brother merged into one sharp dagger that stabbed into heart and twisted itself back and forth. The weather was nothing compared to the waterfall of tears dripping down on the fallen.

A few sobs.

A great wail.

The queen wasn't seen for quite a long time after the devastating pyrrhic victory. Only a handful of contacts remained. She was still in power, but she wouldn't use it. Being strong felt empty considering the unfair trade she went through. Duel Monsters was such a new game, and it already felt like she had experienced decades of turmoil. The Hell of the Executants molded you for a despair-riddled life, either granted to you or granted by you. Glory in exchange for your guilty conscience eventually telling you off, or karma biting you for ignoring it.

A new title match came after some time, to defeat the reigning champion Ardenia Solis while she's still down. “Only weaklings sit still and mourn the past forever”, was taunted by the challenger. Yet, there was no mood to deal with this buffoon. The woman won what she wanted anyway, so maybe she'll just throw. A message to show how done she is with the horrible feeling she was granted. In fact, that became the plan. Wandering forward in the rain, the cold sun moved almost lifelessly. Only to be met with the challenger outside in the wet castle town.

Jeers, mocking, hissing insults.

“Let's get it over with”, Ardenia demanded, ignoring it all.

The gathered crowd was completely uninterested. The queen was hurt and this guy only made it worse. However, there was more disappointment in the fact that his provoking didn't work. They wanted to see her riled up, to see her heated and deranged like she used to be. When the duel began with the opponent's first turn, by a miracle, they met, and the spark returned. A vision of Apollo? No, a crimson behemoth by the name of Red Daemons Dragon. So similar... it and Apollo had such a similar flare to them, yet this one was hotter, more vicious, primitive in objective. Ardenia nearly fell in love with the sight alone. Such a majestic splendor of a colossus that obviously wanted to fight her to the death. Taken aback so much, the lady could barely make a move. She played defensively and the dragon's glorious power reigned down Gehenna upon her field. Any and all defense was eliminated in one stroke. Nothing meant anything in the face of it except equal combat.

“Nearly” fell in love.

The depressed executant's heart was re-ignited, and was most definitely in love, as heralded by her heart-shaped pupils. Red Daemons Dragon was reflected in those bulging eyes of hers.

She wanted to fight it.

She wanted to kill it.

Going on the offensive rekindled the spark of the crowd, cheering for their obvious redheaded fan favorite retaliating at full force. But she just couldn't kill the beast, not by tricks or effects. Direct confrontation, it had to keep being direct confrontation. With the effect of one of her Synchro Materials, her monster matched the scarlet devil's tenacity and near-immortality. The dueling foe began to feel left out, as if he was no longer a part of this bout. Instead, it was a competition between Ardenia and Red Daemons. The insanity in her eyes had reformed, and the dark dragon gave a grin with a deeply toned chuckle that transferred into a challenging roar. Taking down her monsters, doing everything it could to finally tear down the haughty wall of cards, it longed to reach her. The reach the woman who had the spirit of a bloodthirsty animal. Ardor was mutual, it longed for her. Through the feelings of thumping hearts – hearts on fire – it finally got to challenge her with a direct attack. Counterattacking with the revival of a monster, a human and monster staring each other down in crazed combat was the image painted for all to bare witness. It was so, so close. An effect to boost Ardenia's might was activated, and in that instant, they named each other worthy adversaries.

This wet noodle with a duel disk on his arm staring in awe was not one of them.

He was not a barbarian.

There weren't any monsters left after the clash.

Ardenia summoned Samsara, Dragon of Rebirth.

Like a fool, the enemy destroyed it.

True love would be united over a bloodbath.

Red Daemons returned to war, on Ardenia's side of the field. A broken horn and a broken arm showcased great intensity that was the previous battle. Now, the pain of losing both meant nothing. It and its new master were both high on lust. The queen executant began to sing a melody of carnage – describing her eros being restored. The sun was blazing again.

From out of nowhere, it's cooooming!” Boomed, and the spectators all began to sing along, eyes fixated on the triumphant return. Hips swaying, finger waging, she was back. “Slowly but surely, it's driving me craaaazy!”

The challenger was terrified.

“I've been looking for my only plaaaaything!” The smile of a killer was given as a twisted sense of relief for him. Finally, he would be given the fight he desired from the beginning. However, now, clearly, this is more than what he asked for. Even his best card was stolen from him, and it lowered itself down to her imperial majesty. An arm of the dearly beloved wrapped itself under the beast's chin, a hand caressing a cheek as Ardenia leaned toward her new partner. “Don't you know, babe, how much I was starving?” A two-sided question, affectionately asking where the scarlet demon had been all her life, while also inquiring if the enemy knew how depraved she was. Red Daemons nuzzled her back, before turning to the twosome's new prey. “Can't you feel the breakneck speed blast? Beat my heart, bloody fast... feel like burning in the artificial suuuuun...”

Direct attack.


Three thousand direct damage from his own card.

“Warning! Warning!” Was chanted by the assembly as Absolute Powerforce – the name of the attack – did more than a number. To repeat, three thousand exact.

“Riding through the niiiight! Oh, raise your power! Now's the time to treason!”

And what treason it was! Her turn ended and Red Daemons destroyed any the monster she just set. Perhaps out of jealousy? Possessiveness? She wasn't allowed to have anyone else but itself at this moment. The woman was entirely fine with this, drooling over the pig ready for slaughter off in the distance. No one would let him surrender, the Executant system was set to never allow conceding. A piece of illegal equipment that was well known to losers and the hungry monsters that were the winners. Such a spectacle was akin to that of when Ardenia and Apollo dominated. It didn't seem any different for the audience. Following that was the unsightly scene of a pathetic turn. A couple of set cards in fear. Useless, like the man himself.

Ardenia wasn't even paying attention to his moves at this point anyway.

“Hold me!” She screamed in harmony with the beating of her heart. “Fool me! Feel your sexy sigh! It's trouble desire in the night of confusion!”

Red Daemons roared giddily as it was their turn.

“Feel as the night allows! No one to stop the cold!” The grandstand cried out. “Now you face the world's wrath! Down to your mind's meltdown!”

“P-Please... l-let me go...” The poor sap begged.

“Too late to turn back”, the blazing heart began the next set of lyrics. “You're my prey.”

“I-I'm sorry about what I said! Please!”

“Take me higher!” Red Daemons grabbed her on his line and flew her into the sky. “Nobody can stop me!”

“I'm begging you!!”

“I'm a ruler, the master of treasure. You're a loser, you're just a slave of pleasure.”

Now she's being hypocritical?!

“Baby, show me your senses tonight...” Was moaned to her ally. “I just wanna hold you tight.”

The reality is this ridiculous affection was born of bloodthirst. This feeling would've been shared with Apollo if he were still alive all the same, if only his body was powerful and lasting like the beast's. A sturdy form that would endure and survive for eons to come, despite the injures caused by the lass herself. This was no different. Brother/Sister relations are taboo? A girl and a dragon drunk on murder? Irrelevant. They were the ones who understood her and synchronized with her. She missed her little brother, and her heart burned in agony. Drowned in euphoria and sadness, breathing became hard. Like that day long ago, it was completely cut out by the explosive noises of everything around. Hastening breaths, losing mind, a scream came from the queen.

“Feeeeeeeel, feeeeeeeeeeeeel...”

Picking up right where we left off, Apollo.

A fantasy of her younger brother catching a fainting, fiery maiden.

This has always been the beeeest...

“Feel like burning in the artificial sun!” Echoed through town.

“Meltdown!” The insane woman called out as effects swept away at the loser's last hopes. She and Red Daemons smashed the life points out of him. Despite being holographic, the utter terror instilled in his heart made it almost mentally feel real.

A fitting song to portray what seemed to be a ceremony of love for warlords.

God save the queen?

God help us from the queen.

The king was back with his queen.

As she said, just picking up where they left off, Apollo.

The immense heat of her heart morphed the dragon's form, and she somehow assisted in getting it a cast for its broken arm. 'Tis but a minor setback, it assured her. “Scar-Right” and “Hot” - the new titles it took on into the underground warfare, now a proud ally to an executant. … No, more than just a “colleague”, certainly. Ardenia, Apollo, and Red Daemon got readjusted to their new life, even with one in spirit. Their favorite pass-time became chaos and mayhem whilst ferociously destroying everything in front of them in games. Fiery colored eyes gleam in the darkness of the under as the supreme.

Putting smiles on the faces of the crowd, themselves, and worthy adversaries were still the very basis of a “Smile Performer”, no? There was no difference here.
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