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 Do you believe in magic?

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PostSubject: Do you believe in magic?   Tue Feb 09, 2016 8:08 pm

Bri wrote:
A Woman has many faces, many talents, blessed be those that see the one that does not contain her wrath.

Transformation's Appearance
The Great Messenger of the Angels:

Name: Deja Venki

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Transformation Skill:

Divine Raidiance.

While you control a "Melodious" fusion monster, your opponent cannot attack any other "melodious" monsters you control or destroy them with card effects.. If a "Melodious" fusion monster is sent to the graveyard by an opponent's card (battle or card effect) you can return it to the extra deck.  While you control a "Melodious" fusion monster, melodious monster you control gain any the benefits of the effects of any Melodious "fusion" monster on your side of the field.

Deck Type: Melodious Divas

Ace Card: 

Bloom Diva The Melodious Choir

A Symphony For the Future:

Personality: Deja is a very humbled and kind individual. She is one who understands loss and gains, as well as the inevitable ups and downs everyone has to face. She is fiercely protective of anyone who their worth into her eyes but sometimes shies away from others not wishing to feel the pain of loss she felt when her parents died.

Biography: Born into a rich family, Deja has always had all the advantages she has needed. She never wanted for anything, never struggled and never had a fear or care in the world. During the city's transformation, Deja's father had already been a great actor and incorporated his family into his acts for the other people. He used his cards to help bolster the actions of the monsters to make the scenes more lively and entertaining. Her mother not an avid actor usually sang for the townspeople and of course urged Deja to do the same. Soon the family act became one of the favorites of the town and even attracted the attention of city officials. Soon however, Deja's parents fell ill and died to a relatively new illness but her parent's work will always live on through her. Thankfully they had a good amount of wealth to ensure Deja would be able to continue her performances and support herself financially.

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Do you believe in magic?
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