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 The Hero We Both Need And Deserve

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PostSubject: The Hero We Both Need And Deserve   Tue Feb 09, 2016 5:39 pm

Transformation State:

Name: Watanabe Sora
Age: 26
Gender: Male

Deck Type: Infernoid
Ace Card: The Tyrant Neptune
- Number 1: Infection Baal Zebul
- Number 74: Magical Clown - Missing Sword
- Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon
Transformation Skill:
The Original Sin Game - "All of your monsters are "Infernoid" monsters, all your monsters are considered to be both DARK and FIRE Attribute. Once per turn, you may banish from your hand, or graveyard a monster whose original name has "Infernoid" in it, select up to two of your face-up monsters and their level becomes equal to that of the removed monster's.
Restless Devourer -  "When you Tribute Summon "The Tyrant Neptune" ignore the above effects. Upon Tribute Summon, "The Tyrant Neptune"'s ATK cannot go above 3000. Eachtime the Tribute Summoned "The Tyrant Neptune" destroys your opponent's monster by battle it gains ATK equal to the destroyed monster's original ATK and gains it's effect, replacing any other effect previously gained this way."

"Sora is a kind individual that enjoys his profession and appears to be happy most of the time. Although he finds swarms of fans to be abit irritating he tries to tend to them regardless. Sora values giving others happiness at all cost, even if it was by getting himself in trouble. Sora's view on happiness however, is different from the norm as he considers humans to be twisted beings that take enjoyment from seeing others suffer and general violence, which is something he both despises and accepts as how the world simply is and basing his entertainment on that.

Sora doesn't keep this a secret, or is afraid of revealing the truth but instead simply chooses not to, as there is not much point in doing so. He loves animals, viewing them as someone loyal enough to stay by a human's side despite their love for violence and even has a cat of his own named Roger whom often accompanies him in solo shows. Another thing important to Sora is his Duel Disk and Deck given to him by an unknown man. To Sora, it's an opportunity to do what he loves - bring happiness to the world using the horrible abominations and demons within his deck.
"No need to judge the book by it's cover, even a demon can serve justice, if you wish it be so" he says.

"Raised by a normal family, Sora lived your everday life, he played with his parents, friends, neightborhoods and other kids in kindergarden or school. Everday, after coming home, his entire family would sit infront of the TV and watch various cartoons together ranging from "Tom & Jerry", and other cartoons under the logo of Looney Toons. It was fun for the entire family and it was also during those shows that his parents always told Sora that a man's job is to bring smiles to others, drilling it into the kid's skull. And that's how he lived his life, through middle school, to high school and even college Sora took the role of an entertainer, and sometimes a clown by tripping and doing other stupid stuff. These events made him realize that all in all, humans love to see others suffer and laugh at it with smiles on their faces, that was the grim reality. But he chose to accept it, staying true to his promise made to his parents back in the day. Eventually, he got a mysterious mail containing a duel disk and a deck filled with monstrosities with a note inside which suggested Sora used this to bring smiles unto others, and that's what he did, and became an entertainment duelist."
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The Hero We Both Need And Deserve
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