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 FAQ - 2/8/16

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PostSubject: FAQ - 2/8/16   Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:49 am

---I've skimmed the Setting topic, but I still don't quite understand what this rp is about. Summarize?
So basically, in this rp you are all a bunch of people who like to entertain your community with whatever it is you like, but at the front runner of the entertainment is dueling; the public loves to watch you all duel and there is even a ranking for Duelists. You all are in possession of this hip new foreign object called a Duel Disk that allows you to play the also hip and new game called Duel Monsters and summon holographic duel creatures; exclusive only to entertainers. No one really knows how the Duel Disks initially got into rotation, but you now have one. (you can even make up a story as to how you got it)

Some time later, tears in reality began opening; the same rifts that summon your Duel Monsters as a holographic projection (How do holograms come out of a portal? Well you'll learn more about that), as an alien plant life infests your world slowly. Eventually, you all come into possession of a new kind of Duel Disk in addition to a belt that allows you to transform, giving you powers and also enabling your monsters to become real.

You'll eventually learn about the Helheim Forest, the Forbidden Fruit, Fólkvangr Corporation and how it's all connected. In the end, one of you will become the God of everything on Earth (wow spoiler much) if you so desire, but that's the irrelevant part. It is how you strive for that power and what you intend to do with it, that will make things interesting.

----What's the theme for this rp? If I know I may be able to get a better understanding of my role.
Lovecraft, tokusatsu, biblical histology. The Lovecraft comes from the otherworldly element of the Duel Monster and plant invasion, which you'll later discover is actually much more than just plants, and certain NPCs. The Biblical aspect has to do with the Forbidden Fruit, certain NPCs, and the players themselves.

If you've seen Kamen Rider then you already know where I got the belts and transformation from, but the transformation is very common in sentai tokusatsu shows and sentai anime; Power Rangers, Sailor Moon, Saint Seiya, etc. Don't misunderstand, you aren't being forced to ally with everyone and form a task force, you can, but you can also act as on your own with your own motive. Also, your transformation doesn't necessarily have to be uniform either. As long as it isn't anything gigantic or overpowered. (i.e You can't turn into a full scale Gundam or Optimus Prime)

----When will we be rping or what is the schedule like?
I'd like to rp at least twice a week. That's been the groove we've been in as of late, and I'm quite comfortable with it. When during the week? I don't know exactly, but between 8:00 - 9:00PM (EST) is when I'd like to start for days we plan on rping. And to be honest, don't expect 500 events in 1 night either. At most I plan on doing 3 events each night.

----Haven't we done this rp already? Or something similar?
Yes, we've done something similar recently; the infamous tentacle rp. It wasn't supposed to go that way, as I originally intended it to be this rp that I have now, but my fascination for Bloodborne at the time conflicted with that, as I'm sure for those of you who participated noticed that there were a few key elements that were never really explained or put into use at all. So when I look back, I get disappointed in knowing that could have been a really great story, as it is based on an already existing concept that I highly enjoy and would recommend, if you enjoy tokusatsu, after this.
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FAQ - 2/8/16
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