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 Fluffy, but Not So Soft (NPC) 5/8/16

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PostSubject: Fluffy, but Not So Soft (NPC) 5/8/16   Sun Feb 07, 2016 2:38 am

"I've finally found the qualified one who can guide us to the future."

Imagine the Forest
Embodiement of Scarlet Devil
Fly Me To The Moon


Name: Yoko Minato
Age: 26
Gender: Female

Ace Card: Frightfur Tiger
Deck Type: "Sharp Stuffing'' (シャープスタッフィング) - A combination of stuffed animal fairy monsters, Fluffals, and razor blade like fiend monsters, Edge-Imps, who together fusion summon abominable toys known as ''Frightfur.''  

Transformation Skill: "Toy Factory - Assembly Line'' (おもちゃ工場) - Once per turn, if you Fusion Summon a ''Frightfur'' monster, you can add 1 Polymerization or ''Fusion'' card from your graveyard to your hand, and 1 of the fusion materials for that summon from your graveyard or banish to your hand. Take 1000 points of damage for each card added by this skill. If you control no monsters, by revealing 1 ''Toy Vendor'' in your hand, you can add 1 ''Fluffal'' ''Edge-Imp'' or ''Frightfur'' monster from your deck or graveyard to your hand. You cannot conduct your Battle Phase the turn you use this skill

*Upgrade* ''Cheating the Machine'' - Once per turn, by revealing ''Toy Vendor'' in your hand, you can target 1 ''Frightfur'' monster in your graveyard; you can send materials used for its summon from your hand, field, or banish to your graveyard to special summon that card.

Transformation Appearance:

Yoko is a quiet soul, but she has a tendency to use excessive force.
She seems to be loyal to Ryoma, though this is implied to be a facade. She has more of a personal interest in the future leader, which Ryoma notes as strange, as she usually doesn't involve herself with others. Her ambition secretly is to become the ''Queen'' of Earth once its future leader has been decided, wedding herself to them as their bride. (She's bi don't worry)

She has no personal interest in obtaining the Forbidden Fruit, preferring to see ambitious people like the Duel Engagers reach for its power.

Bio: Yoko is Ryoma's subordinate. Prior to the event where Yoko was recruited into Fólkvangr, she was a former spy working for a certain organization. She infiltrated Fólkvangr, getting the files from a lab computer, until she was caught by Ryoma, but instead of Yoko trying to fight him, Ryoma gives her an offer, to work with him in Fólkvangr as his assistant and bodyguard in which she eventually accepted.
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Fluffy, but Not So Soft (NPC) 5/8/16
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