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 To Infinity and Beyond (NPC)

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PostSubject: To Infinity and Beyond (NPC)   Sat Feb 06, 2016 11:50 am

"I think I can go higher. More powerful; more versatile; power worthy of a god."

LoG Trunk's Theme
Outer Science

Name: Ryoma Remon
Age: 28
Gender: Male

Ace Card: PSY-FrameLord Omega
Deck Type: ''Science Has no Bounds'' - Machine parts animated by psychic energy known as PSYFrames, that operate from the hand in reaction to the opponent's play. These PSYframes synchro summon high level psychic type monsters along with the occasional machine. Machines also reside in the deck, by the name of ''Meklord'' whose purpose is to act as a fail-safe when their psychic counterparts are destroyed by card effects. In contrast to the PSYframes ability to synchro summon, these Meklords have the ability to steal a synchro monster.

Transformation Skill: ''Machine Circuit, Unbroken'' (切れ目のないマシンサーキット) - At the beginning of each duel before either player's Draw Phase, activate 1 ''PSYFrame Circuit'' field spell from your deck. When ''PSYFrame Circuit'' is removed from your field, return it to the field during your next standby phase, and take 2000 points of damage. Once per turn, you can treat your opponent's monsters as Synchro monsters.
Transformation Appearance:

Personality: Ryoma is one of Takatora's subordinates, and his and Sid's closest friend, a brilliant scientist in the Fólkvangr Corporation's research division.

He is amoral in terms of using people as test subjects and expresses no interest in the duel monster-based infections as his company's plan is his main focus. Despite his status as a scientist, he is dangerous in a fight. However, he rarely transforms and fights by himself.

It is shown that he cares about his inventions, and want people to show respect and trust on them. Ryoma can be manipulative at most of the times. He prefers to act behind the stage and let the others fall to his manipulation for his own benefit. He is also unconfident about his own power.

Bio: Ryoma works under Takatora, his closest friend at Fólkvangr Corporation. However, after a conversation gone awry with Takatora, Ryoma has been secretly planning a coup against him. He spent his childhood in the now-defunct Yokohama Child Care Facility, where children with potential are experimented on and brutally raised to work for Fólkvangr in their future. Under Sumeragi Koboyashi, he created his first products, the fully successful starter Duel-Disk. He eventually was able to become a researcher for the company later in his life.
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To Infinity and Beyond (NPC)
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