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 Character Skeleton

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PostSubject: Character Skeleton   Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:54 am

( I copy pasta'd the skeleton fight me )

Appereance: (Picture or a description)
Transformation's Appearance: {spoiler} (Picture or description and put it in a spoiler. This is to give people a general idea of what you may look like when transformed. Also note, when you lose a duel you will be knocked out of this form back to your normal self. Maybe not always, but 8/10 times you'll revert.)  {/spoiler}

Name: (Your character's first and last name.)
Age: (Your character's age, try to have it make sense. I.E. no 5 year olds)
Gender: (Male or Female)

Transformation Skill: (Your character's unique ability. As the name implies this skill can only be used when you've transformed and cannot be used outside this state. Try to keep it balanced and keep in mind they're mostly here to give your character some uniqueness, help hold a deck together or help you make one of your more important cards if you're otherwise unable to. Also under no circumstances is a Character Skill allowed to make something outright unbeatable or immune to everything. A Character Skill is not allowed to outright alter a card's effect in any way, shape or form; a few of my NPC's are the exception to this. You are not.)
Deck Type: (List all archetypes and themes for your deck, feel free to give a description of what it does too if you feel like it)
Ace Card: (The card most important to your character, their signature card.)
Number(s): (Only 3 Numbers to start with per character. Starting with CXyz, Number C and & or Number S cards is not allowed.)
Hyperlink to Character's Deck thread in General Deck Information (After posting your character, post their Decklist in it's seperate thread in General Deck Information and link it here. That thread should also contain any cards you'd like to reserve for your character's developement, try not to go overboard.)

Personality: (Your character's personality, durr)

Biography: (Your character's past, up to their current age.)

Please try to either have your character be an entertainer or at least have a reason to be in possession of a starting duel-disk when the RP starts, because as stated before this is something exclusive to the entertainers of this particular city.
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Character Skeleton
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